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"Staged Homes Supports ACE International with a Flawless Local Event"

Looking for a fun way to give back to the community? Are you a big supporter of the performing and fine arts? Need something exciting to do this Saturday night? Look no further than the ACE International’s Give to Live event! This charity event takes place on April 23rd and will benefit Three Strands Production’s Performing and Fine Arts Division. This division offers free after-school arts classes to local students in Vista.

The ACE International’s Give to Live event will take place at Staged Homes Real Estate in Vista, which is how we know this will be an event to die for. Staged Homes is a premiere real estate company that specializes in sprucing up old homes inside and out to help them excel on the market. Staged Homes does it all: they successfully stage and modernize your home, then list and sell the property. In fact, staging is free to all of their clients who list their properties with Staged Homes. Owned and operated by broker Debbie Avey-Cortez and stager Peri Miller, Staged Homes produces gorgeous properties perfect for enticing buyers.

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"Make an Offer Seller’s Can’t Refuse"
North County Times Saturday April 1, 2000
By Patricia Morris Buckley

Congratulations – you’ve found the house of your dreams. And you want to be sure there’s no doubt that your offer will be accepted. A year ago, this was a very big concern for buyers, with many properties receiving multiple offers, with the real estate market cooling slightly, multiple offers are cooling off as well. But making a strong offer doesn’t just man getting accepted – it also means getting an acceptance at the best price. “When you make a good offer, you’re more sure of getting the best price,” said Debbie Avey, Realtor and office manager for The Palomar Group in Carlsbad. “That’s already built in equity.”

According to Avey, there are several elements buyers can put in their offer to make sure the seller says “yes”.

No Contingencies
Of all Avey’s advice, this is the one she most strongly advocates. “When you remove tall contingencies, you eliminate all worries for the seller,” she said. “Worries that you’ll back ou or that the deal will fall through.” A common contingency is that buyers have to sell their home first. As this adds some uncertainty of the deal, she suggests removing it. Length of escrows, bank approval and down payment are all contingencies that pop up frequently. Another contingency that buyers can remove is that the seller will need to make repairs on the property. “Buy property ‘as is,’” she advised. “That way they don’t have to put up money for repairs and you’ll get the best price.
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Be Pre-Approved

This step could also be listed under the contingency section. Many buyers are pre-qualified when they start shopping, but that doesn’t’ mean they are approved for a loan. “With pre-qualifying, there’s no verification of income, credit or job history,” she explained. “When you’re pre-approved, all your information is verified and the loan papers are just waiting for an address to be filled in. That way, you’re removing the loan contingency that the seller doesn’t have to worry about the loan.” In fact, the best offer, she says, is a cash offer. “There’s no hassle of the loan approval or the appraisal,” she said. “You can close a deal like that in 10 days.” In fact, having a pre-approval means you can let the seller set the length of escrow. “This is called a quick close,” she said. “Sellers like that because it’s a shorter time they don’t’ have to pay the mortgage.” Ultimately, buyers who want to make a sure fire offer need an experienced agent to show them the way to make it more attractive. “It’s all about being prepared and educated,” she said. “By giving sellers what they want, you get a better price.”

"A Staged Home is a Sold Home"
SD UT North County Edition Nov 2009

Debbie Avey has been selling real estate in San Diego County for over 20 years and has just recently passed her brokers’. Opening up her own brokerage firm with partner Perri Miller, president of the staging division, was the next logical step. The company, called Staged Homes Real Estate, is located in Carlsbad.

“Perri and I have worked together for over five years, successfully staging and selling properties in San Diego. When the market crashed, many sellers were left with no equity or money to consider the staging services that were so vital to a successful close at top dollar. All the new listings were foreclosures and distressed sales and did not show well, and thus were being sold at rock bottom prices,” said Avey. Avey and Miller came up with the idea of combining their areas of expertise developing a program where they could provide the staging service for free to all their sellers, because “a home that is unprepared for sale is a home that is prepared not to sell for top dollar in this market,” she said. After the tam set the stage for a home’s big debut, buyers are star struck by the breathtaking, move-in-ready showcase homes. Each property is meticulously prepared, standing out as a cut above the competition, unmatched in presentation, quality and cleanliness. Sellers are amazed with the results.

You cant command a top dollar price without offering a top dollar product.

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